The Tole’s Way To Treat Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a life threatening disease that takes thousands of lives every year. While modern medicine has developed various treatments to cure early stage breast cancer, the intensity of the disease often makes all such remedies futile. Moreover, these treatments, once started, restrict a woman to a life of pills and radiation, something most patients hate more than the disease itself.

The Tole Medical Centre in Malaysia defies such an invasive cure for Breast Cancer. Treatments offered at the centre not only cure this dangerous ailment, they also restore complete physical and mental health in most patients.

Let’s take a look at the breast cancer cure offered by Dato’ Master Tole, the 4th generation offspring of the Tole Family.


Dato’ Master Tole’s Miracle Herbs and Acupuncture

Breast cancer cure with The Tole is a combination of some miraculous herbs and regular The Tole’s Acupuncture sessions. The 51 year old physician has a strong belief in the power of natural ‘goodness.’ Not only does Dato’ Master Tole mix these herbs himself to make a herbal potion that treats breast cancer, he also makes sure that the herbs grow and nurture right in front of his eyes.

What the previous generations took as part of The Tole inheritance, Dato’ Master Tole takes as a project, which is to be researched consistently. He has added value to all remedies by changing many herb formulations to make the potions effective against newly developing diseases. Even though his treatments are old school and traditional, Dato’ Master Tole’s approach to medicine couldn’t be more modern. Being a herbalist doesn’t stop him from practicing basic medical procedures like thoroughly analyzing a patient’s medical history, taking their pulse upon arrival at the center and observing their behavior and body language.

Dato’ Master Tole explains his physical exam routine in the following words:

“I also smell them. You can laugh but if a patient has a disease, they smell different. I talk to the patients to find out their emotions because some of them don’t know how to smile. Sometimes I have to tell them to look in the mirror and smile for 15 minutes thrice a day. They don’t know that this makes their organs relaxed.”

Such a basic approach to treat life threatening conditions like Breast Cancer is what makes Dato’ Master Tole’s treatment so effective and acclaimed. The recipes for herbal concoctions remain a secret; whereas, the award winning The Tole’s Acupuncture routines are derived from centuries old Chinese healing systems. The needles inserted in a patient’s body improve the ‘Qi’ flow in the body which in turn results in a strong immune system, renewed muscle strength and brain power.


Are You Ready for The Tole Way?

The Tole secrets for healing are, no doubt, unmatched by all other alternative and modern treatments. The combination of emotional therapy, herbal potions and acupuncture makes the body fight off cancerous cells and restore normal functioning within a period of 6 to 8 months. Every small detail that Dato’ Master Tole looks into, such as the color of the patient’s eyes and the appearance of his tongue, is what makes him a true healer. Dato’ Master Tole’s following words sum up the simplicity hidden behind his miraculous treatments.

“I have to teach them what to do ‘outside’ to manipulate what’s on the ‘inside’.”

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